Energy Shake for Breakfast: Recipe

I did a (very wimpy) detox this summer. Nothing crazy, no cayenne pepper lemon juice. Just cut alcohol, sugar, caffeine, gluten, meat and dairy for one week. Which for me, is crazy enough. The first two days I felt awful. Splitting headache, achy in general, tired...everything you'd expect from someone who drinks 2 cups of coffee a day, is a secret sugar addict, loves to end the day with a glass of Merlot. But by day three I was feeling normal, day four I felt great! I finished out the week and I really enjoyed the results. I had high energy, slept great, and lost a small amount of fluff.

Of course I've returned to coffee and red wine in moderation along with my 'all inclusive' diet. But there are a few things I've kept from the detox week and incorporated into my life.

One is a glass of lemon water first thing every morning. Second, I learned I can actually make my own salad dressing and marinades which I try to do more of now. Third, I have changed the way I see breakfast. I continue to make the morning energy shake. It keeps me full, it gives me energy and it's easy to make.

Morning Energy Shake

I don't really measure. But the key ingredients are
1. Rice Milk (1.5 cups)

2. Light Coconut Milk (1/2 cup)
3. Soy Protein Powder (or protein powder of your choice)
4. SuperGreens powder (something with Spirulina, etc)
5. Frozen fruit *mango and coconut milk are especially yummy together

Tip: Blend some of the rice milk and coconut milk with the powders first. Then add the fruit and a little more rice milk. The coconut milk really takes the edge of the taste of SuperGreens. And the berries make is cold and slushy-like.

Don't be scared of its green hue. It's actually quite delicious.

The detox I followed can be found here: Goop Detox It is from Gwyneth Paltrow's newsletter. The detox plan was created by Dr. Alejandro Junger. I didn't eat the chicken, only fish. I wanted to try a faux vegetarian approach. I ate salmon twice during the week.


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