Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Half Marathon - Done!

I finished the Rock & Roll half marathon on Saturday. It's the first time that the Rock & Roll came to Seattle so of course there were some kinks. I read that some people were 30 minutes late to the starting line due to traffic. I've been racing for over 10 years, so I know you need to get there early. Earlier than you think you should. And if it's in Tukwila, on a two lane street, get there much much earlier.

Other than that it was pretty smooth. The corral start made it easy to get into stride fast. By the time I passed the first band I was already settling into the my pace.

I read a tip that you should treat the half marathon as a two part race, first a 10 mile, then a 5k. I almost followed that perfectly. But I got so excited by a My Morning Jacket cover being played 4 miles out that I broke from the pacer and starting picking up the pace. It was too soon. I paid a little but I was able to back off in time to save some kick.

Having never raced more than a 10 mile, I noticed that I felt nervous the entire race. I was too aware that things can fall apart. Sometimes years of experience hold many bad experiences. My nerves got so out of control in college they ultimately destroyed me. Being nervous about unexpected obstacles in the middle of a race (knees tearing apart, my back crushing down on nerves) and being nervous about being nervous... those are my biggest obstacles. I know that I can run through more pain than I ever predict. I need to remember that in the moment.

I accomplished my two public goals and my one secret goal. I ran the race in under 1:30 (1:28) to get into the second corral for Chicago and came in the top 100 overall (exactly 100th). The secret goal was to place in the top 3 of my age group, which I did (3rd).

Dave did amazing too! He ran the 13.1 race in 1:35!

I'm taking 13 days off of running, one day for every mile. Then it's time to get ready for Chicago!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rock and Roll Seattle 1/2 Marathon Taper

There are only 5 days until the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon! I am running the 1/2 to get a decent corral time for Chicago. I can't lie though, I am curious to see how fast I can run it.

This is the first race I've ever trained for without the help of a coach. I'm not sure how much to taper. I have loosely followed this Runner's World training plan. They have me 'on the track' twice this week. I'm going to knock myself down to the intermediate training plan for this last week. It has less repetitions on the track.

Only 5 days out - it's really about maintaining and getting antsy for the race. Nothing more I can do to add to my fitness level.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Long Run June 14 - Playlist Favorite

Santigold: L.E.S Artistes

This music video starts out slow, but definitely gets interesting. The song is great for a long, midtempo run.